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       Japser Sunrise Wildwoods is excited to start a new program, for horses in need of new homes & students/ families considering purchasing a horse but that wants more horse knowledge, experience and a horse on a trial bases so the horse lover in the family can prove its not a phase .... Introducing JSWs Lessons & Train to Own 1 year program.

. We currently have 2 horses here that we are starting work on to get to know them and will start trial students on the program with the horses once i put some basic work into them ....(ANYONE INTERESTED IN THESE HORSES OR OUR PROGRAM TO REHOME ONE OF THEIR HORSES OR TO FIND THEIR NEW HORSE IS WELCOME TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO COME MEET US & MY HORSES PLUS ANY HORSES I HAVE IN THE PROGRAM)

       HOW THE PROGRAM WILL WORK ... Student/Family pays a monthly fee FOR ONE YEAR! and receives lessons n training on our broke horses as well as with the horse in the program .. Monthly fee will vary per horse. Program Includes complete training for horse n rider, ground work, riding/breaking, bonding, total care, horsemanship & stable management learning lessons. The horse in question is treated as the student own horse, they can come anytime to see and practice what we do in our training sessions (with some limits depending on rider/family age and horse knowledge, riding ability.) Because we will offer to the program horses to the right Child, adult, family etc price will very on students & horse in question as mentioned above, The training needed, students age, ability and of course # of students learning will all be taken in to account and a contract made. Within that year student/family and myself has the chance to see if this is the right horse/home. Contract is month to month with 30 days notice to cance anytime ... After one year JSW will turn owner ship over & student will fully own the program horse and we will have worked out any stipulations again depending on horse and new owners will be fully prepared to own and care for their horse or realize its actually just not for them! ... JSW will have full ownership, use and control of horse for a full 1yr contract with any potential new owner unless other arrangements are made and aggreed on.

Current horses on this progam ...

#1 -Casper yearling (will be 2 in January) 

#2 - Silver (standardbred)

#3 specks (Arabian)